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Fellowship & Brotherhood

We are our brothers keeper

The Jamaican Men of Florida (JMOF) was founded by Dr. Allan Cunningham with the mission to form an organization that would benefit and be of value to Jamaican men of all ages that reside in the state of Florida.

There has been a need for a place where Jamaican men can come together in fellowship for the greater good of their brothers. JMOF was formed to fill that need while providing a platform for Jamaican men to give back to their community, communicate, and most importantly support the Jamaican men in Florida.  

Connect with us, join us, work with us, be a part of us.


We Are Our Brothers Keeper.

The JMOF Team


Dr. Allan Cunningham

Dr. Allan G. Cunningham Born and raised in Rose town Kingston, Jamaica

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General Secretary

Vivian Walters

Vivian O. Walters, Jr. is a seventeen year employee of Miami-Dade County.

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Executive Treasurer

Derrick Monroe

Derrick Monroe is the official Treasurer of Jamaican Men of Florida

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Director Of Spiritual Values

Fr. Horace Ward

Father Ward has been serving Holy Family Church since 1995 and with

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Chief Legal Counsel

Marlon Hill

Born in Jamaica and raised in the District 9 working class neighborhood

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Director Of Special Projects

Dr. Jason Prendergast

Dr. Jason is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advanced Certified, a

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Strategic Director

Dr. Rupert Francis

Dr. Rupert A. Francis was born in the “Garden Parish” of St.

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Vice President

Melvin Foster

Melvin Foster is a Montego Bay native who attended Cornwall College before

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Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Stefan Grant

Stefan Grant is the Founder & CEO of Noirbnb, a vacation and

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Director Of Membership

Jamie Aird

Jamie Aird has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Florida International

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