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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a member? 

To become a member, one must submit an application together with the dues for the year in which he applies for membership. Applications may be submitted online or via e-mail to jmoflorida@gmail.com.

How to make payment? 

Membership payment may be made via the following two methods: 
    1) Zelle- JMOFlorida@gmail.com. The Entity name is Jamaican Men of Florida Inc. It is very important to put your full name in the Zelle transfer. 

    2) Check- A check may be made payable to Jamaican Men of Florida Inc. and mailed to Jamaican Men of Florida Inc. P.O. Box 827842 Pembroke Pines, FL 33082. It is very important to put your full name in the memo section of the check. 

Membership Levels: 
  A. Regular Member 
Regular Membership shall be open to all men of Jamaican descent or those men who have a particular affinity for the culture, values and principle of the Jamaican man. Regular members are expected to attend meeting, support fundraising efforts and introduce potential members to the association. 

Rights and Privileges: Regular members shall be eligible to hold office and vote on specific matters 

Annual Membership due: $50.00 per year 

   B. Full Class Member 
To qualify as a Full class or V.I.P. member one must first get the approval of the executive committee. Full class members shall be specially recognized at all events organized by JMOF. 

Rights and Privileges: Full class members may NOT hold elected office, vote or in any way control or manage organization’s practices or policies. 

Annual membership due: $250.00 per year 

   C. Affiliate Member 
Affiliate members of the organization are corporate bodies existing throughout the state of Florida. Affiliate members may organize a local chapter with the permission of the executive committee. 

Rights and Privileges: 
Annual membership due: $250.00 per year 

   D. Honorary Member 
An Honorary member must be approved by the executive board. To qualify as an Honorary member, one must now or in the past been closely associated with the Jamaican community in a leadership or philanthropic role. 

Membership due date 
Membership dues shall be paid immediately upon submission of the membership application. If for any reason an applicant is denied membership, the membership fee shall be returned to applicant within 14 days of the date of denial. Membership term shall begin on the first of March 31 and end on February 28 of each year.